About Us

The Beginning


I started boxing in 2016 and one (1) year into training I found that I wanted my training to mean something; to have a purpose.


I was training six (6) days a week, eating clean and rarely drinking, I was living and breathing boxing (nothing has changed), which is what decided me to want to have my first fight!


Looking back, I was pretty ‘ballsy’ to have taken the fight, my opponent had five (5) fights under her belt (compared to my none!) and she was a very skilful boxer, very smooth and slick.


I won my first fight, there was no way I was giving up without a FIGHT and that I did; my heart and desire to win is what got me the win! And this was the beginning of my boxing journey, and what a great beginning it was!

No Pain, No Gain


I wish I found boxing sooner in life, I’m 32 years old… but I guess what they say is true, age is just a number.


I may not have as much experience as some of the other girls who have been boxing since they were kids, but my heart and desire to want to fight (and win) is one of my main strengths; you can’t teach heart and that is something I know I have; something my trainer, Mark Hine (Showtime Boxing and Fitness Maroochydore) has acknowledged also.


I’ve had all my fights under Mark and trained at Showtime since I began my boxing journey. I live in Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast QLD; Showtime is just down the road from my home, which makes my early morning training sessions just that much easier, as I’m not having to travel a great distance.

Always Ready to Fight


I grew up on the Sunshine Coast. I love the lifestyle the coast offers, I’ve always had a love for sport, competing at a competitive level in both swimming and long distance running right throughout my schooling years, and partaking in pretty much every sport on offer at school (netball, softball, touch footy, surfing). I’ve always embraced the natural competitor that comes out in me when I compete, I love pushing myself to higher levels.


I love the commitment and dedication boxing requires, not only the physical strength, but the mental toughness. It’s a lonely place in the ring, it’s only you and your opponent, you can’t run and hide, you have to stand and fight, not only your opponent, but yourself to keep going, keep pushing… I love that!


My goal is to go pro within the next 12 months, but for me to be able to achieve my dream I need to secure as many fights in the amateur as I possibly can.